Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. November 19-27, 2022. Days 270 - 278 of war.

November 19-27, 2022. Days 270 - 278 of war.
This week we marked 9 months since the day when my parents and many people in Ukraine woke up to shelling from russian invaders. It was also a week when my Mom celebrated her birthday - her first time celebrating a birthday away from her home since she was evacuated from Kharkiv during World War II. As usual, celebrations continued for several days as phone and video calls from family and friends kept coming. Mom had a big chunk of the family to celebrate with in person - which was the main present. She reported feeling safe, warm, and grateful. Also - furious about the war, concerned about "ours back home" (which includes approximately all of Ukraine), and determined to see Ukrainian victory.



  1. Oh, I am thrilled to see a photo of your parents, and to see them looking so happy. Happy Birthday to your mom, and may your parents see peace and a Ukrainian victory in the coming year.

  2. After all the portraits of them I have seen this year, their photos are familiar and yet fresh! Good to see them looking so happy.