Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. November 12-18, 2022.

November 12-18, 2022. Days 263 - 269 of war.
This week was filled with many conversations about relatives and friends in Ukraine - under another attack from russian fascist.  Many people lost access to heating, electricity, cell service and we lost contact with some of them for a little bit. The story of a raccoon which was stolen from Kherson zoo by russian soldiers got some special attention in our conversations too. My parents prepared a fresh batch of words in Ukrainian for me to learn and discuss. They told me about meals that they are cooking these days (pumpkin porridge is one of their favorites). They walk as much as they can when the weather is good. They found some good things about art and history to watch on YouTube and almost learned how to get the air conditioner (which doubles as a heater) to do what they want. We are getting ready to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and it is a gift of and by itself.

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